week 10

Welcome to a new half term and a new topic............
Beast Creator
Please see attached Maths and English worksheets for your children this week, alongside spellings and ten in ten.
Topic ideas:
Computing: Over the next few weeks, look at video footage and images from the web to observe and find out about some of the world's most deadly creatures, including assassin bugs, Japanese or Asian giant hornets, siafu (safari ants), fire ants, tsetse flies, Anopheles mosquitoes, Indian red scorpions and the famous black widow spiders! Use information collected to create a Top Trumps game using a PowerPoint slide for each deadly creature.  
Music: Listen to Elgar's Enigma Variations (NIMROD) . All the different parts of this piece were written by Elgar for one of his friends. Create a piece of music/ art/ writing for someone in your family or a friend that you have missed seeing during lockdown.  Send your work for them, maybe explain it was inspired by Edward Elgar's Enigma Varitions- you can send by post, email or social media if you have created music.
BUGS , BUGS BUGS.....what can you find living in your garden or local park? Choose a small beast to research( maybe you are inspired by spiders, beetles, ladybirds or butterflies). Create a fact file on that creature- How many different varieties are there? Where does it live? what does it eat? How does it breed? Again this can be done on paper or using IT like powerpoints. You may prefer to become like David Attenborough himself and make it  TV show...watch some of his programs for inspiration!
Take care
Mrs Bird and Mrs Swindells xx