Agents of Change

Agents of Change Challenge

Are you a super hero?


Being an Agent of Change is a key part of the Christian nature of The March CE Primary. It sounds like the job of a super hero doesn’t it?


It is an incredibly important role, but anyone, absolutely anyone can be an Agent of Change. We all have the power to do something, to change one thing that can have a positive effect on the people or world around us. It could be as simple as putting rubbish in the bin, smiling at someone who needs a friend or offering to help with a job. It could be as big as reducing your carbon footprint, raising money for a good cause or campaigning for change. We all have the power to do something good. We celebrate all Agents of Change and would like to share some heroes within our school!


If your child does something outside of school, at home or in the community you think needs celebrating in school please do let us know so we can share this with them!


If they have been Agents of change for example had their hair cut for charity, picked up litter in their local area as they wanted to be an example to others, cycled for charity, made worry pocket creatures to support friends, seen something in the news that has inspired them to do something to help?


We would love to share this and proudly celebrate this on a new board in our school.


Are you an Agent of Change?