Equality Objectives

Equality objectives - 2020 - 2024


Objective 1:

Have in place a reasonable adjustment agreement for all staff with disabilities by July, to meet their needs better and ensure that any disadvantages they experience are addressed.

 Why we have chosen this objective: To support staff in school and to understand/remove any challenges that may hold persons back.

To achieve this objective, we plan to: Review as needed in light of the job role.

Progress we are making towards this objective: Clearer procedures and clarity , specific to adjustments for staff with disabilities. Throughout the year and during individual staff meetings , staff are made aware of supportmechanisms in place.

January 2022 update

Although Covid has impacted on this continuing year, any staff with disabilities or medical needs havebeen       supported and reasonable adjustments made to their roles.


Objective 2:

Train all members of staff and governors involved in recruitment and selection on equalopportunities and non-discrimination by the beginning of the next academic year. Trainingevaluation data will show that 100% of those attending have a good understanding of the legalrequirements.

 Why we have chosen this objective: Ensure equality

To achieve this objective, we plan to: conduct refresher training for named staff if   

On review of SEN attainment and progress data we have included a further objective forApril 2021- April 2022

Objective 3:

To improve the attainment of SEN pupils against National EOY standards     2021/2022

 Why we have chosen this: Advance equality of opportunity for all learners

To achieve this opportunity we will : plan to collate and analyse data relating to the target group,use timely interventions, baselining these prior to the start .

With the introduction of new PSHE and RSE National curriculum requirements we have includeda further Objective

Objective 4:

To promote a positive self-image in all children and to respect their individuality, providing for allpupils according to their needs

Why we have chosen this: To Address image, individuality, uniqueness and difference

To achieve this, we will: Monitor the Teaching of PSHE across the school, Monitor welfare concerns relating to self-image, All staff will be trained via the Valuing all Gods Children’s course by the Diocese.


  •        Adhere to Equality checklist
  •        Consider Reasonable Adjustment Duty
  •        Consider effects for current global crisis such as Covid and movement of Asylum seekers.
  •        Use and communicate Equality working group findings and data analysis