Spirituality at The March

Our Trust vision of "enabling every child to achieve their God given potential" is one that everyone at The March shares and strives for. We are proud of our academic achievements, supporting all our pupil's needs, and enabling them to achieve above the national average in Reading, Writing and Maths. We are equally proud of the opportunities pupils at The March get through a broad and balanced curriculum that focusses on the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT they will need in order to flourish and prepare them well for their next steps.

As a church school we are concerned with the development of people’s mind, body, and soul.  We believe that spirituality should influence all areas of education and life, therefore we aim that all areas of the curriculum contribute to pupils’ spiritual development. Spiritual development relates to fundamental questions about the meaning and purpose of life which affect everyone and is not dependent on a religious affiliation.


Spiritual development is not about becoming more spiritual, it is about realising or becoming more aware of one’s natural, innate spirituality. This is sometimes a slow and gradual process, at other times there might be significant stages of realisation, which are part of the ongoing ‘developing’ process.  People don’t reach a finished state of spiritual development but participate in the ongoing process of spiritual realisation.