Faith Council

The March CE Primary School
Faith Council
The purpose of our Faith Council:
• A way of experiencing religious education and collective worship as a genuine partnership between staff and children
• An opportunity for children to develop important life skills through initiating projects and solving problems
• Evidence of a sincere respect for our school’s Christian values through the children’s views  
• A means of developing a deeper understanding of our school vision and values
Key principles of our Faith Council:
• Develop the values of trust, compassion, growth, love, community,
learning, peace, belief and forgiveness
• Give children the opportunity to work thoughtfully and fairly as a group with children from across key stages to develop their own vision of religious education and collective worship
• Give all children a means to express their views on collective
worship and the teaching of religious education
• Give children an opportunity to have an input on collective worship
and religious experiences such as Prayer Week