About the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust

The Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust (DCAT)  



The Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust is what is called a Multi Academy Trust.  This means that it has under its stewardship more than one academy.  The full list of schools within the Trust can be found 


You can contact the Multi-Academy Trust by post, phone or email as follows:

​        The Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust,​

         Diocesan Church House,

         211 New Church Road,

         Hove,  East Sussex

         BN3 4ED

         Telephone:  01273 425001        Email:  contact@dcat.academy


The Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales Registered No. 09201845

You can find out more information about the Multi-Academy Trust by visiting these links:


Academy Trust financial information can be found on the Statutory Publications page of the Trust's website - 



Information about Governance relating to trustees and members - https://dcat.academy/about-us/governance-structure-handbook/


​You can read the Academy Trust's FOI Publication Scheme and any of their other Policies by visiting https://dcat.academy/statutory-documentation/trust-policies/


Find out more about our sister academies by going to https://dcat.academy/schools/


Information about the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust (DCAT) Members and the Board of Trustees, and the Academy Trust's annual accounts and financial reports can be found by clicking on the link to the DCAT website's Governance page: https://dcat.academy/statutory-documentation/statutory-documents/


Information about DCAT's structure and remit of the members, board of trustees, its committees and local governing bodies can be read here.

DCAT's funding agreement, current memorandum of association and articles of association can be read here.


Financial statements, including annual accounts and Executive Pay, can be read here.


DCAT holds a register of interest for the accounting officer.


DCATs gender statement can be found at https://dcat.academy/statutory-documentation/gender-pay-statement/


The Equality statement is https://dcat.academy/statutory-documentation/equalities-statement/


Details of DCATs trade union facilities agreement can be found https://march-ce-primary.eschools.co.uk/storage/secure_download/cDl3VkMxRWNISjhwS01xOUFwWEtyck1PanJ0Ump2VTJicXAvYUlxM0VPQ3RoNE9lT1hQUWZnSVNXeGFXbS8xeA==