Grammar Punctuation and Spelling games and Websites

SPAG games and useful websites

v  Playdough punctuation- say sentence, child had to make appropriate punctuation for the sentence. 

v  Antonym tennis- Player 1: Think of a word e.g. big Player 2: think of opposite e.g. small.  Continue until one player hesitates and can’t think of another word within 5 seconds. If this happens the other player wins a point.  

v  Silly sentences/ stories – take it in turns to make a silly sentence using a noun, adjective or verb.

v  Synonyms for said (timed game- How many alternatives can you think of in 1 minute)

v  Noun game- Say a noun child thinks of appropriate adjective/verb to go with it. E.g. Kangaroo – jumping.

v  Changing tenses game e.g. I played tennis = I am going to play tennis.