SEND Information

At different times all children will have barriers to their learning, and we as a school community, actively seek to identify and overcome them so that children are able to reach their potential. The aims below are the key elements in making this possible:

  • We will advocate for children and retain a clear focus on the importance of their learning, progress and achievement.
  • We will work in partnership with parents and carers and recognise that it is the shared responsibility of all adults to support children in reaching their potential.
  • We will actively engage with any and all agencies to secure support for children and families.
  • We will always be aspirational and have high expectations of children, parents, carers, school staff, school governors and partners.

The barriers to learning that children face are wide ranging and sometimes complex. The list below is not exhaustive, and we will always seek to retain a solution focussed and innovative approach to all situations. The following are potential barriers to learning: Medical Needs, Additional Learning Needs (for example SEND), Attendance & Punctuality, and Readiness for Learning / Vulnerability.

The progress of children who have a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) will be monitored closely. SEND needs are wide ranging and are, in the first instance met in the classroom.  When it is considered that a child’s needs are more significant, and outside agencies and support is sought (Special Educational Needs Support) parents and carers will be invited to review meetings. Until recently a child with very significant needs could be deemed by the Local Authority to have sufficient needs to merit a Statement of Educational Needs. From September 2014 this has been replaced by ‘Education, Health and Care Plans’ (EHC), which set out a child’s needs and how they should be met. This new approach is being phased in and parents and carers should discuss this with us if they feel it may be appropriate for their child.

You will find the current SEN policy in the policy section.

Mrs Kirsty Cass is the school SendCo.

If you wish to contact her please email


The Inclusion team consists of Mrs Nicky Metcalfe, Mr Jackson and Mrs Kirsty Cass