Approved Travel Plan

The March School Travel Plan

Approved by Governing Body 16/03/15


  • Reduce congestions and relieve parking issues around the school to make school drop off and collection easier and safer for all.
  • Encourage active travel, where possible, for the health and well being of children.


1. Encourage safety in vicinity of school

  • Commence Junior Road Safety Officers Scheme supported by West Sussex County Council. This seeks to educate children and parents on safety. Led by Head Teacher
  • Parents will be reminded not to park so as to block the road crossing point, marked by bollards and double yellow lines, on the left as you approach the school along Claypit Lane. Any small minority who choose to disregard the safety of others will have their car registrations with dates and times passed to both the police and traffic enforcement. Led by Head teacher and Governors with immediate effect.

2. Increased provision of pre and after school clubs which will relieve parking issues by staggering drops offs and pick ups.

The school will work to secure the services of additional external providers from the summer/autumn term 2015. Led by Head teacher.

3. Help parents consider and identify possible lift share possibilities.  

Each academic year the school will circulate to parents a map with a series of dots on it representing the postcodes where the children live. Parents interested in considering a lift share are invited to write their name and email on the dot closest to where they live with an arrow to any other dots, representing other parents in their postcode area, who they may be interested in a lift share arrangement with. They then return the annotated map to the school office. If the office finds a direct match with the map returned by another parent then the school will put the two parents in contact by email. Any subsequent lift share arrangements that may arise are strictly between those parents. Therefore the school bears no liability or responsibility. Parents who express an interest in lift share but are unmatched will appear as a green dot on the map so that other parents can see that there are lift share possibilities available. The school will not under any circumstances disclose any private residential addresses to anyone.

Led by School Office & Governor commencing during summer/autumn term 2015.

 4. Promote cycling, scooting, & walking.

  • Continue to run after school cycling club. Led by Mr Jackson.
  • Continue to work with “Sustrans”. Led by Mr Jackson and parent Hugh Campkin
  • Continued participation in West Sussex Yr 6 Cycling Proficiency Course. Booked by Mr Jackson.
  • Three cycling routes into the school have been mapped out and recommended by parents covering the three main residential areas. These can be found on the school website alongside this Travel Plan. Three parents have agreed to act as a point of contact for any parents who might like to cycle the routes with them. Their contact details are provided. Led by parent Ashley Hatton

5. Identify and agree appropriate road/infrastructure improvements and engage with relevant bodies and other stakeholders to deliver.

Infrastructure improvements require a great deal of work to achieve. A working group made up of parents and supported by governors will work on this. Some parents have already put forward proposals. Any parents who wish to participate in this working group please contact the school office.  Led by parent Gary Rustell  


The working group referred to in (5) above will also review the effectiveness of this overall Travel Plan and update it as appropriate. Sustrans school survey providing data to measure effectiveness and progress. They will meet at least once a term.