Working With Others (WWO)

Working With Others is a personalised support and training programme for schools and early years settings that is having a dramatic impact on learning, pupil behaviour, class relationships and how pupil groups are used in the curriculum. At The March the staff were trained in April and parents were invited to a session with Dr Cathy Ota in May.

The approach recognises that learning takes place in a social context where positive pupil relationships are essential, the WWO programme has been developed with real teachers in real classrooms. It:

* Motivates pupils to learn more effectively together and improving behaviour in class, on the playground and socially, by helping them take responsibility for themselves and each other;

* Transforms whole staff teams including senior management, office staff, teachers, teaching assistants and midday meal supervisors to help everyone to work more effectively together;

* Re-energises teachers offering support and practical ideas that encourages them to reflect and become facilitators of learning and healthy relationships between pupils.

In schools where WWO has been implemented the results and impact have been noticed by Ofsted, local authorities, parents and the National Healthy Schools scheme.


Summer 2015

Making eye contact when speaking and listening.

Using people's names.

Autumn 2015

Issues around trust such as 'taking turns with things'.

Improving listening skills with 'stopping and being ready to listen'.