Helping your child with Maths

How can I help my child at home? This is a common question. In the last term we have developed our targeting and levelling even further, so that the children are aware of their next steps and areas for improvement, these are regularly reviewed with the children so that they are aware of where they need to work and can tell adults what they need to focus on. We have also shared with parents the children's current level objectives and the next levels objectives that their children are working to. The downloads below are a range of activities we have developed that can be done in and around the home with household objects and dice. Also practice times tables. Once your child has learnt them try the inverse eg if 2 x6 = 12 then 12 divided by 6 is 2, or learn times tables with decimals. for example 2 x 0.5= 1 What do you do in school once they have 'got it'? Once the children have a firm strategy they need to apply it it in different contexts. This is often the hardest part of maths, as it is not always presented in the way they have learnt it and is hidden within the words of a question. You can also download a glossary of terms and a vocabulary list. The glossary goes from some of our youngest children up to age 16 and Key Stage 4, however, it is still useful, as some of our more able children will be accessing the more advanced terms. Sats papers can be found on this website: