Family Voices Objectives

FAMILY VOICES -The March Church of England Primary School- December 2017

Objectives& Scope

  • Family Voices enables parents to meet, share ideas, and feedback to the school, and helps to develop a partnership between parents and school.
  • Family Voices is about positive engagement by parents to support and help improve the school. It gives parents a voice, providing feedback about key initiatives and the opportunity to raise questions, comments or suggestions.
  • The governing body remains the sole decision maker providing strategic leadership. The governing body will however take into account the views, comments and suggestions expressed at meetings, where appropriate.

Format of Meetings

  • There will be two formal Staff room meetings a term (one per half term) which will be advertised to all parents at least two weeks in advance on the school website and app. The themes of the formal meetings will be decided through the feedback of parents at a more informal ‘drop-in’ which will be held in the hall from 2:30-3:30pm once per term- prior to the formal meetings. Topics, comments or suggestion can be raised over a cup of tea or coffee with the Head and Deputy and added to post-it notes as areas for discussion. Pre-school children will be most welcome to attend with their parents and toys and games will be made available to help keep them entertained.
  • Following this meeting, a display board with the post it notes will be placed in the small playground or entrance lobby, to allow those parents who are unable to attend the drop in to add their comments, questions or suggestions.
  • All school governors will be invited to attend the meetings should they wish. It is hoped that at least one school governor will attend every meeting.
  • Family Voices will not discuss individual pupils or direct criticism at pupils, other parents or staff members, but can discuss general issues, questions and suggestions that parents have about the school.

Communication for parents unable to attend forum and feedback to governors

  • The minutes of the formal meetings will be taken by a nominated parent and approved/finalised at the start of the next meeting, then posted on the school website.