Covid -19 Message from CEO

Dear Parents and Carers

You will no doubt be well aware of the current situation as regards the spread of Coronavirus in the UK. This message is to provide you with reassurance that all DCAT schools are acting in a safe and sensible manner, which is consistent with current advice from central government and Public Health England.

On a daily basis, every educational setting in the country receives an update from Gov.UK, detailing its latest advice.  Currently the advice is that, even when a case of Coronavirus is suspected or confirmed, no school or educational setting should consider closing unless it is expressly instructed to do so by Public Health England (PHE).  At present we have had no such notifications from PHE and therefore all of our schools will remain open.

Further advice is for schools to publicise the fact that the best way to stop the spread of the virus is for good personal hygiene, including following the mantra of Catch it, Bin it, Kill it and in particular to encourage everyone to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and warm water.  All of our schools have displayed posters to that effect.  I can also reassure you that we have stepped up cleaning regimes at our schools, in particular the cleansing of work surfaces and door handles.

If any of you have any health concerns about yourself or a family member, then please use the NHS 111 Helpline and keep the school informed. 

You can also find other information on the following website:

Coronavirus - what you need to know - Public health matters

Illustration of COVID-19, created by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Updated 26 February, 2020. At PHE we respond to around 10,000 disease outbreaks and health emergencies every year both at home and abroad, ranging from e-coli, legionnaires and TB through to emerging threats such as the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China.

We shall continue to monitor this on a daily basis and, should the situation change, then we shall update you further.

With my best wishes

Mark Talbot, CEO Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust