Attendance and Absence

Attendance & Absence

Absence from the school should be notified to the office as soon as possible, especially if this is due to illness of an infectious or contagious nature.

Please notify the school office and your child's teacher of any medical or dental appointments beforehand so that your child is registered correctly and does not miss being booked in for school dinner. As far as possible, appointments should be outside of school hours, so that children do not miss their time in school.

Holidays are not permitted during term time unless in exceptional circumstances. Any requests for absence must be made on the form obtainable from the school office, which must be returned to the headteacher. You will then receive a copy of the form which will contain information about your child's attendance last year at school, current attedance, how many requests you have previously made for absence from school and whether or not your request has been authorised or not and the reasons why.

The Locality Attendance and  Absence Policy can be found in the Policy Section