Admissions Policy 2019/2020 and Supplementary Application Form

The Governors of The March CE Primary school have consulted on a revision to the School’s Admissions policy for 2019/20 i.e. the school intake for September 2020.
During the revision they endeavoured to retain the historical links with the villages of Westhampnett and Oving so that children living there are not disadvantaged in the admissions process as we have seen a substantial growth in housing within our wider catchment area.
The primary changes are:
1)      The acknowledgement that we are now a DCAT Academy
2)      The inclusion of a paragraph relating to children with an EHCP.
3)      A revision of the over-subscription criteria to include-
a.      Children with exceptional social or medical need
b.      Children living within the ecclesiastical boundaries of our 2 parish churches (our catchment area covers a wider geographical area).
4)      The dual measurement in the distance tiebreaker has been removed to make the policy conform to the code.
5)      The church reference form has been simplified to conform to admissions code.
Copy of the revised policy is a foot of this page
John Proctor
Chair of Governors